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We open 15 minutes before each service begins. Birth-4th grade can be checked in at the same time at the check-in desk.


First-time guests

First-time guests will go to the kids Check-in, and will be asked to fill out a registration card. Upon check-in, parents will receive alpha-numeric security stickers for each child being checked in. These security stickers will all share a common alpha-numeric code. These tags serve two purposes:

  • Parent Paging — If a child has a medical or behavioral issue, their security number will be displayed in the Worship Center. This alerts parents that their assistance is needed, and that they should return to Kids Center.
  • Security — Parents must present their portion of the security tag when picking up their child. Children will not be released to any adult without matching security tags.


What to Expect at New Song Kids Church    

 Here is a snapshot of what kids will experience in New Song Kids:

Opening Activities

This is the first stop for kids after they have checked in. Opening activities provide an opportunity for kids and leaders to connect through games, and discussion. Kids are in opening activities until five minutes before each service, and then they head to worship.


This is our time to teach through singing and having fun. All Preschool through 4th graders are together during worship. It is often loud, but always fun. Preschool and Kindergartens will go back to their class after worship.

Large Group

This is where our key point for the weekend is introduced and comes to life through storytelling, drama and object lessons. All first through fourth graders are together during large group teaching.  

Picking Up Your Children

Parents will pick their children up from their age appropriate room. This is the same room where they were initially dropped off. Pick up requires the parental portion of the security tag received during check-in. Parents will show their tag to the New Song Kids leader. The leader will then match the numbers and release the child to the parent.